Contact through our email for any commissioned jobs you may need.  There are 4 artist with multiple skills that are available for jobs, so make sure and check out every ones work.    


Based in Phoenix Arizona, Leter91 is a freelance artist constantly coming up with new canvas paintings, murals, events and projects creating a growing portfolio of Fine, Abstract, and low brow artwork.  Although he does not have experience with art through school he still has an array of different pieces displaying his talent.  Leter91 contributes custom canvas painting, original canvas painting, live painting, logo design, tattoo design, shirt design, window painting, and mural paintings(including bedrooms, vehicles, backyards, and business's) through Scarce Elements.  Contact the website, Facebook page, or email for commissioned work and event's.
Facebook: Leter ninety-one

Though most known for his illustration through wordplay, the underground MC and voice of Maxilla Blue, ASPHATE, (Galapagos4/CSR) is entrenched in the hip hop culture in general, comfortable in cyphers of various forms.

A known supporter and practitioner of graffiti writing in all of its forms, 'PHATE has more recently developed focus for commissioned production and mural work, and in particular, finding ways to coordinate community and youth empowerment via the means of creativity.  Aside from syntax, the Des Moines' native's medium of choice is the spray can and surface of choice remains anything that'll hold pigment from freights to concrete.

Issac Caruso is a professional graphic designer and a son of a bitch with a spray can.  He hails from Phoenix Arizona, and has worked with cities of Scottsdale, Mesa, and Tempe on public art grants.  He reps Scarce Elementz.